UBO registration

UBO registration

UBO registration. Deadline approaching!

UBO registration. Deadline approaching! 1920 1000 Corpvision

As from September 27, 2020 Dutch companies should mandatory registers their UBO(s) in the Dutch UBO registry held by the Dutch chamber of commerce. Ultimately on March 27, 2022 the registration should be made by companies which were already registered in the Dutch trade registry prior to implementation of the UBO registry.

It seems that quite some companies have not yet register their UBO(s) although the Dutch Economic Enforcement Office (Bureau Economische Handhaving) may impose either criminal or administrative sanctions in case of violation of the UBO registration requirements.

What steps should you take?

First, it should be determined which individuals qualify as UBO of your organization and collect evidence and documentation from which it appears that he or she is the UBO. Subsequently, the UBO(s) should be registered via a website of the Dutch chamber of commerce. In case you face difficulties in determining the UBO and/or making the registration, please reach out to us.